K-6 Utah Charter School

A free public K-6 charter school located in East Salt Lake City.

Early Bird Music Schedule

Early Bird Music 2018-2019

Friday Mornings 7:45-8:30 a.m.

Sept. 21-Nov. 30, 2018
Upper Chorus – 4th-6th graders

January 4-February 8, 2019
Explore the musical Hamilton 5th-6th graders

March 8-22, 2019
Creative Movement and Dance – 1st-3rd graders

April 5- May 24, 2019
Beginning Chorus- 1st-3rd graders

If your child would like to be enrolled in the Friday morning Early Bird Music program, please contact Susan Swidnicki at sswidnicki@canyonrimacademy.org.