Perspectives Entries Due

How to turn in your entry:

1. Email a GOOD QUALITY photograph of visual art, 3D art and photography entries (lots of light/natural light, place artwork on a clean surface without clutter if possible). If multiple angles are needed for 3D submissions you can submit up to three photos

2. Do NOT include your name on the front of your art piece.

3. Fill out all information on your submission form and include a photo of this information.

4. E-mail submissions as attachments or Google Docs to: with your NAME, TEACHER and CATEGORY in the subject line (example, John Doe, Mrs. Smith, 3D Art) • Students may enter more than one category, but only one entry per category.

*Visual Art • Visual art must be an original painting or drawing in an art medium like watercolor, acrylics, crayon, colored pencil, etc.

*3-D Art • 3D visual art has length, width, and breadth. It can include sculpture, ceramics, jewelry, sewing projects, mobiles, dioramas, weaving, crocheting, etc. • Work must be original. No kits or pre-cast ceramics.

*Photography • Entries must be a color or black and white image produced by photographic process. • All images must be captured by the student. • Images can be edited or retouched by student. • Glass frames may cause glare when photographing for submission and are not recommended.

*Literature • Entries may be a work of fiction, nonfiction, prose, poetry, or an essay. • May not exceed 1200 words. • A DIGITAL COPY MUST BE SUBMITTED via GOOGLE DOCS to by end of day February 4. Please include name of child, teacher, and category in the subject line of the email. • Please include number pages if entry has multiple pages. • Entries can be handwritten, but an image or photo of entry must be emailed to the address above.

*Film Production • Entries must be student or student's ORIGINAL work and ideas in the form of animation, narrative, documentary, or a media presentation. • PowerPoint presentations are not accepted. • Student(s) must be the director, screenwriter, and camera-person. • MUST not exceed 5 minutes. • Please turn in entry form at school and email submissions to by end of day Feb. 4.

*Musical Composition • Entries MUST be an ORIGINAL composition of voice, instrument, or a combination of both. No performing of popular songs will be accepted. • If composition has lyrics, please provide a written copy of lyrics stapled to entry form. • If music is notated, please include sheet music. • Compositions must not exceed 3 minutes. • Please turn in entry form and email submissions to by end of day Feb. 4.

*Dance • Entries must be the ORIGINAL choreography of the student or students. • Choreographer can be the performer, or select others to perform their piece. • Entries must not exceed 3 minutes. • Please turn in entry form and email submissions to by end of day Feb. 4.

Professional artists will be judging the entries and providing constructive feedback to our young artists. Entries will be displayed at our Virtual Gallery Stroll beginning Thurs, February 25. Please contact Elyse Hunter with any questions at