K-6 Utah Charter School

A free public K-6 charter school located in East Salt Lake City.

Lily Moscon

4th Grade


My name is Lily Moscon and I am ecstatic about teaching at Canyon Rim this year. I have the deepest love for teaching and learning and cannot wait to share this with your amazing kids. I graduated from the University of Utah with a BS in Elementary Education in May of 2023. My core values, philosophy, and approach as a teacher comes down to two components:

The first is my belief that learning is a joy and school should be fun, hands on, and exploratory. I think the curriculum and subject matter we teach to kids needs to be rich and robust. I also think students need to explore this curriculum in an engaging way. This means providing opportunities to discuss, speak, listen, explore, and think deeply about our newly acquired knowledge. I am thrilled that Canyon Rim uses the CKLA program. I believe this is a platform students will truly thrive on.

The second is that I firmly believe that social emotional development is just as important as academics. I found and fell in love with CRA because the charter has such deep roots in these values. I strive to make my room a safe place for ALL kinds of students. Students will learn how to be a friend to all, a teammate, and overall a kind and caring person. Room 27 is a place of positivity, joy, and kindness.

I am from North Salt Lake, Utah. Teaching is my joy, passion, career and even hobby. Even when I am not in the classroom I enjoy finding new ways to better myself as an educator. I am a lifelong learner and hope to teach this mindset to your students. In my other spare time, however, you can find me reading, trying new restaurants, working on mindfulness, watching movies with my family, and taking walks with my dog, Gloria.

I cannot wait to work alongside my students AND their families. After all, we are one community. By working together we will get your student to SOAR.

Go Falcons!

-Miss Lily