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Federal Regulations for Lunch Plate

Canyon Rim Academy follows the federal regulations regarding school lunch which focuses on portion size and includes fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in an effort to help keep our children healthy. Lunch options consist of five components of which your child will pick a minimum of 3, but may choose to take all. One of their choices MUST be a fruit or a vegetable. The other choices are a milk, grain, or meat/meat alternative. We want our students to learn the importance of fruits and vegetables in a healthy diet.

  • Daily lunch price: $2.50
  • Daily reduced lunch price: $0.40
  • Daily free lunch price: $0.00
  • Daily Adult lunch price: $3.50

Lunch Program

Our School Lunch Manager and her assistants dedicate many hours planning our menus so our students have healthy, nutritious and delicious school lunches. Their goals for school lunch include:

— Nutritious meals
— Tasty meals that kids will eat
— Meal preparation that our kitchen can accommodate
— A variety of foods and choices
— Meals served at a reasonable price

For questions or comments about our school lunch program, please contact our lunch secretary, Debbie Stevens at or our School Lunch Manager, Becky Stratton at