K-6 Utah Charter School

A free public K-6 charter school located in East Salt Lake City.

PTO Information

PTO - Parent Teacher Organization

MISSION STATEMENT: The Canyon Rim PTO is organized for the purpose of supporting and enhancing educational experiences for all students at Canyon Rim Academy through collaboration with parents, teachers, and school administration.

The PTO provides many great extra-curricular activities for the students of Canyon Rim Academy as well as raises funds for student enrichment programs such as field trips, class room learning tools, library books, and music and art supplies. Thank you for your support!


Presidents                   Jill Gibby
                                    Michelle Booth
President-Elect            Marie Poulsonmvpoulson@yahoo.com
Secretary                     Maris Scott marisscott@hotmail.com
Treasurer                     Maija-Lissa Debirk Maijalii@yahoo.com
Treasurer Elect            Lauri Merriman laurimerriman@gmail.com
Teacher Rep                Rachel Lowry rlowry@canyonrimacademy.org
Board Member             Alli Malmrose allidcj@yahoo.com
Board Member             Krissy Ockey
Board Member             Amy Wilkinson
Board Member             Lauri Merriman
Board Member             Janee Rasmussen
Board Member             Kim Winterton


Hospitality Alli Malmrose  allidcj@yahoo.com
Teacher Appreciation Camille Farnsworth  camille.farnsworth@gmail.com
Volunteer & Room Parent Coordinator Nicole Handy  nicolehandy@gmail.com
Field Day
Carnival Marie Poulson   mvpoulson@yahoo.com
Back to School Night, Amazon, Book Fairs Kim Winterton   kimdub35@gmail.com
Emergency Packets Melissa Stalsberg   mallan63@yahoo.com
Family Week Lisa Hampshire  lmhampshire@gmail.com

Teacher Birthday Coordinator               Lisa Dengg  lisadengg@yahoo.com
Student Birthday Coordinator/Birthday Bulletin Board
                                                            Tiffany Booth  heehee143@hotmail.com 
Family Week                                        Lisa Hampshire   lmhampshire@gmail.com
Volunteer and Room Parent Coordinator
                                                             Nicole Handy  nicolehandy@gmail.com

Volunteer Thank you's                         Lisa Dengg   lisadengg@yahoo.com  
Health Chairperson                             Janee Rasmussen rasjuna76@yahoo.com
Vision Screening                                 Karlin Bauman   karlinbauman@icloud.com
Maturation                                           Janee Rasmussen   rasjuna76@yahoo.com
Lice Check                                             
Fine Arts Chairperson                       Marisa Schwartz   misajon@q.com
Perspectives                                        Catherine Arveseth    cath.arveseth@gmail.com

Perspectives                                        Andrea Mathis   mathis.a@gmail.com

Arts Festival                                         Amanda Moore   aelvis@icloud.com  
Public Relations Chairperson          Shelah Miner   shelah@gmail.com
Outdoor Marquee                                 Al Kinghorn   b_i_g_al@yahoo.com
School Directory                                   Becky Benham   b.benham@hotmail.com

Emergency Packets                             Melissa Stalsberg   mallan63@yahoo.com
Ribbon Week                                       Erica Fearnley   erica.fearnley@hsc.utah.edu
Safety Patrol/Traffic Duty                     Shauna Cundick   shaunawright@netscape.net 

Science Night Committee Chairs        Kristin Billeter   captainchemistry@gmail.com
Amazon Program                                Kim Winterton   kimdub35
Jump Team                                         Katie Olson   ktpolson@gmail.com
                                                            Andrea Mathis mathis.a@gmail.com

Girls on the Run                                  Melissa Child   melissachind@gmail.com
Mountain Man Rendevous                  Angie Plowgian angie.plowgian@gmail.com
Year-end Video                                     


The PTO is working on improving communication with parents.  If you have questions, please email us at
canyonrimpto@gmail.com .


There are many opportunities to volunteer.  This year we have created a Signup Genius account to help organize all the volunteering.  For detailed instructions on how to use Signup Genius check out the CRA Volunteer page.