K-6 Utah Charter School

A free public K-6 charter school located in East Salt Lake City.

School Land Trust

School Land Trust Funding and Canyon Rim Academy

School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA) manages school trust lands to generate revenue for schools. In 2017 Utah public schools received over $64 million dollars through the School LAND Trust Program.  

Every school receives School LAND Trust Program funding through a student enrollment based funding formula described in the law. The annual interest and dividend income from investment of the permanent State School Fund is where the annual allocation comes from. The funds flow through the school district, but districts do not withhold any funds. Charter school funds are sent to directly to the school.

Canyon Rim Academy Land Trust 2017-2018

Committee Members:
Chair: Joshua Sine; jos1502@hotmail.com
Vice Chair: Nicole Handy; nicolehandy@gmail.com
Jason Esplin; jesplin@gmail.com
Melissa Ruesch; therueschs@hotmail.com
Ashton Haga; ahaga@canyonrimacademy.org
Kent Fuller; kfuller@canyonrimacademy.org
Mandy Niles (alternate) mniles@canyonrimacademy.org

Proposed 2017-2018 meeting schedule:
February 13th, March 6th, March 20th and April 10th.

Rules of Order: Parliamentary Procedure

Summary of CRA's 2016 – 2017 Land Trust Plan:
The plan was directed at improving math scores on the Sage test by 2 percentage points. Along with improving math scores was investment in: technology, hardware, software, instruction, and learning tools.
The result was a 1 percent increase in math scores on the SAGE test. The SAGE test is the year end summative test required by the Utah State Board of Education.
Money was used for: computer lab instruction, Chromebooks, iPads, ceiling projectors, 3 classroom audio sound systems, software, and learning kits/tools.
Total funding for these expenditures totaled $38,368.