School Land Trust

School Land Trust Funding and Canyon Rim Academy

CRA Land Trust Committee Meeting Agenda, 1/29/2020>>

CRA Land Trust Committee Meeting Agenda, 2/12/2020>>

CRA Land Trust Committe Meeting Agenda, 1/28/2021, 4:00 p.m.  CRA Library
     -Review of committee duties - questions and answers
     -Review of possible plan to generate ideas, questions and/or suggestions

School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA) manage school trust lands to generate revenue for schools. In 2020 Utah public schools received over $88 million dollars through the School LAND Trust Program.

The proposed meeting schedule for this school year:
     January 28, 2021
     February 25, 2021
     March 25, 2021

Committee Members

Becky Benham
Nicole Handy
Robert Booth
Justin Scott
Kristen Billeter
David Hillyard
Kim Winterton 

Rules of Order: Parliamentary Procedure

Summary of CRA's 2019 – 2020 Land Trust Plan:

The plan was directed at improving math and language arts scores on the Sage test by 2 percentage points and a 1 percent increase in our science score. Along with improving SAGE scores was investment in: technology, hardware, software, instruction, and learning tools.

With the Corona Virus pandemic last spring, we were not able to give the 2020 spring SAGE test, now called the RISE test.  Our scores from 2019 were 72% language arts, 69% math and 72% in science.  

Money was used for:  the partial salary of our new reading specialist, training teachers and aides in small group instructional strategies, purchase of support materials for small group instruction, partial purchase of the schools' math program including assessment software (Eureka Math and Eureka Affirm), computer lab instruction, laptops for teachers, Chromebooks for students, iPads, software, and training with supplies for the new state science curriculum.

Total funding for these expenditures totaled $64,141.