K-6 Utah Charter School

A free public K-6 charter school located in East Salt Lake City.

P.E. Program


WELCOME TO PE!  It's great to do physical activity with our friends here at CRA!  Please help your student be successful and prepared for PE each week with the following items.

*Appropriate shoes for activities.  Please NO shoes with heels, boots or slip on's.

*Please send a water bottle with your student every day on their PE day.

*It is EXPECTED that each student is involved in every PE class.  Physical activity must be done regularly to achieve health benefits. If your child has an injury or an illness that prevents them from participating, please send a note with your child.

*The students here at CRA are graded by participation and behavior in the specialty class rotations.  I expect a positive attitude, and full participation.

*If your child has any physical disabilities, please let me know.  Problems such as chronic asthma, allergies, heart problems, diabetes, etc. need to be documented and kept in my files.  If your child does carry an inhaler, I do need to know, and it might be best to bring it along to PE.  The student's safety is important to me as they go through their daily PE routine.  Please send a note, or email me with any of the above, if it affects your student.

Here is the PE schedule for each grade for the 2020-21 school year:

Kindergarten: Friday

1st grade: Wednesday afternoons

2nd grade: Tuesday afternoons

3rd grade: Wednesday mornings

4th grade: Tuesday mornings

5th grade: Monday mornings

6th grade: Thursday mornings

If you every have any concerns about your student and the PE class, please feel free to contact me.  My info is on the school website.

Melinda Sorensen

CRA PE Specialist