K-6 Utah Charter School

A free public K-6 charter school located in East Salt Lake City.


SL County Health Dept. COVID-19 Guidance for Public Schools, Updated 8/25/2022>>

SLCo COVID-19 Testing Guidance, Updated 8/25/2022>>

Up-to-date information from the Utah State health department can be accessed at  www.coronavirus.utah.gov/education.

Canyon Rim Academy will follow guidance and direction from state and local health departments.

  • Students and staff who are ill should stay home.  If individuals have any COVID-19 symptoms, they should stay home and test for COVID.  
  • If a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19, they must remain at home for 5 days (day zero being the first day that symptoms occurred), even if they are vaccinated.  Students and staff may return to school after 5 days at home, but must wear a mask for 5 additional days, day 6-10.  

 For questions, please call the Salt Lake County Public Health Hotline (385-468-4636).