SL County Health Dept. COVID-19 Guidance for Public Schools, Updated 8/25/2022>>

SLCo COVID-19 Testing Guidance, Updated 8/25/2022>>

SLCo DOH Letter with information regarding vaccines for children ages 5-11. English & Spanish Letter.  You may also visit SLCo Health Dept.

We are proud of our students, staff and families for all their positive efforts during the pandemic.  

Our campus consists of approximately 70 staff members and 520 students, totalling 590.

We are suspending recording COVID cases in the school due to the low numbers of known COVID cases.  If the situation changes and known cases increase, we will begin notifications once again. 

  • Last Updated:
  • Status of Campus: OPEN
  • Number of Confirmed COVID-19 Cases:  

Confirmed Cases

Staff Cases at School Locations
Student Cases
Schoolwide percentage of confirmed student cases as compared to total student population

Cases by Exposure Type

School: Confirmed that transmission likely occurred on school property or during a school sponsored event.
Home/Social: Confirmed that transmission likely occurred in social or family circumstances OFF of school property.
Unknown: Location of transmission was inconclusive.

The Utah State health department has recently made some updates to the Coronavirus information on their website.  To read up-to-date information, go to

Canyon Rim Academy will follow guidance and direction from state and local health departments.

  • Students and staff who are demonstrating any symptom of COVID-19 must stay home.  (See updated SLCO Health Department Information above.)
  • Regular classroom instruction will take place on a Monday through Friday schedule. We encourage all students and staff to get vaccinated if and when possible.
  • Schools will remain mindful of safe spacing and cleanliness to the highest degree possible. 

Face Coverings

Face coverings in school are a personal preference and not mandatory.  Students and staff are welcome to wear masks if they have concerns and are more comfortable doing so. 

Please be aware that, per state law, we do not have the authority to initiate a mask mandate for students. This is a dynamic situation, and CRA will comply with any and all state directives made at any point during the school year, and we will continue to adhere to guidance from the health department.

Harassment in any form, directed either at those who wear face coverings or those who choose not to, will not be tolerated.

Quarantine & Isolation

  • If a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19, they must isolate (stay home except to get medical care) immediately – even if they are vaccinated. Contact tracers will inform the student or staff member when they may leave isolation, but typically it will be at least 5 days from the day they got sick or were tested.If a student or staff member is exposed to COVID while at school they may choose to either quarantine at home for 10 days or wear a mask at school for 10 days (both indoors and out). Both options may test out after seven days.

Those who are exposed at school will NOT be quarantined if they have no symptoms and any of the following: they had a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the past 90 days, have been fully vaccinated, the positive individual and the exposed individual were both wearing masks at the time of exposure, they were wearing an N95/KN95 mask at the time of exposure.

Will I be notified if there is a case in my school?

Only those individuals who are believed to have had direct exposure or close contact to someone with COVID-19 at the school will be notified. Close contact means you were closer than 6 feet for 15 minutes or more from someone who has the virus. If contacted, the health department will provide specific guidance related to testing and quarantine.

In most cases, the health department will contact individuals who were in the same class or other area as someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, but do not need to quarantine because they were not directly exposed. In these situations, the health department will encourage close monitoring for symptoms for a specified period of time.

Please note that when we are contacted by the health department we send to a class a notice of possible exposure.  If individuals are deemed close contacts they will receive a notice of quarantine.  Both letters are generated from the health department.

Should I get tested if there is a case at my school?

The health department may direct those who have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 to get tested. In these cases, families will be contacted directly for guidance. If there is a case at your school and you have not been contacted regarding exposure, it means your child was not directly exposed to COVID-19. Continue monitoring for symptoms as usual, and follow the guidance of your healthcare provider, or call the Salt Lake County Public Health Hotline (385-468-4636).