K-6 Utah Charter School

A free public K-6 charter school located in East Salt Lake City.

Laura Romney

4th Grade

My name is Laura Anderson Romney and I am a fourth grade teacher at

Canyon Rim Academy. I have been teaching at CRA ever since it opened in

2007. Before that, I was in school getting a Master's Degree in teaching. I

had been home with my kids for about 20 years before that. My original

degree was in English and I taught English in junior high a little before

staying home. While my children were little, I determined that I really

wanted to be an elementary school teacher. The degree I earned right

before coming to CRA enabled me to teach in elementary school or


I'm so glad I chose to focus on elementary school and I feel so lucky to

have landed here at CRA. My years here have been so amazing for me. I

LOVE the kids I have taught and I feel privileged to be able to come here

and do this every day. I haven't had any other professions (other than stay

home mom, which, as it turns out, takes all kinds of skill), but I just can't

imagine anything more satisfying than working with children. Children are

so funny, creative, diverse, complicated, teachable, open, and loving.

Before this, I thought kids would kind of fit into categories. Not so. Each

one is their own little mystery box that needs to be solved. The kids, along

with the curriculum, and the fine people I work with, make this a really

wonderful place to be. Any school would be great, but CRA is especially

good. I now have 5 grandkids and I'd wish nothing more for them all to be

able to come to CRA if they'd quit moving out of town! ALL of our teachers

really care about children and have fun with them. This place is a nice

environment that has been created by many involved, interested and caring

people over the years.

I believe that schooling is a means of finding your talents and your way to

help the world. I believe school helps children cope with all kinds of people,

situations, weaknesses and differences. I believe that school can always be

fun, challenging and new all the time. I believe that kids don't need to be

bored in school if a teacher works hard and if kids learn from their families

how to be creative in all kinds of situations. I believe each child is perfect

just the way they are.